Aha Mammillaria Prolifera cactus Outdoor Plant With Pot

Aha Mammillaria Prolifera cactus Outdoor Plant With Pot

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Mammillaria prolifera is a species of cactus in the subfamily Cactoideae, with the common name Texas nipple cactus.
Light & Temperature: Generally speaking, these plants like warm temperatures and bright light. Watering & Feeding should be sparse year round. During the spring, summe, water thoroughly when the soil is almost dry. During the winter, reduce watering by half. As interior plants, growing Mammillaria couldn't be easier.
Mammillaria cactus varieties can span sizes from one inch in diameter (2.5 cm.) to one foot in height (30 cm.)
To encourage better flowering, allow the plants to enjoy a cooling period in the winter and suspend watering. 


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