Apple Enjoy ( 500 Gm to 550Gm )

Apple Enjoy ( 500 Gm to 550Gm )

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Apple Italian ( 500 Gm to 550Gm )

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Enjoy Apples are mini blush red apples with slight yellow streaks and have a smooth texture. The apple flesh is greenish-white and grained, and it tastes sweet and juicy. The crispiness and the aroma of the apples make it more attractive. Apples are best when it is consumed fresh after meals or as a healthy snack for kids


  • Nutritious.
  • May support weight loss.
  • Could be good for your heart.
  • Linked to a lower risk of diabetes
  • May promote gut health.
  • Might help prevent cancer.
  • Could help fight asthma.
  • May help protect your brain.


use them as soon as possible after harvest. If any apples must be stored, keep them in a cool, dark place. They should not be tightly covered or wrapped up; a perforated plastic or open paper bag, basket, or wooden crate are good choices.


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