Baby Corn Peeled - 1 Pkt

Baby Corn Peeled - 1 Pkt

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Baby corns are just regular corns which are picked before maturing. In terms of nutritive profile too, baby corn and corns vary very slightly. In fact, for those trying to lose weight baby corn may just prove to be a better bet, because of its relatively lesser starch content.


The soluble fiber content present in baby corns help to lower the levels of cholesterol in our bodies and also reduces the possibilities of artery blockage. Some other nutrients that baby corns consist of are zinc, iron and calcium which further make the nutritional profile of baby corn strong.


Store in freeze bags or zip lock bags and place in the fridge diction of your refrigerator. However, it is best used fresh. To store cooked baby corn, place cling film on the container in which you have placed the baby corn and use within a day.


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