Organic Jungle Honey 500gm

Organic Jungle Honey 500gm

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Regular honey is collected in BEE Farms with flowers of primarily one plant. In addition, regular Bee farms can be very close to Urban human habitation and may use pesticides and fertilizers for plant growth.

JUNGLE honey from ATCOST is sourced from some of the densest Forests of India. The result is a honey collected & prepared from multiple flowers some of which have excellent medicinal properties - Plus no pesticides and fertilizers!!!

Honey collection is done by tribals Self Help Groups who use scientific and sustainable method of honey collection and by buying these products we are supporting the cause of sustainable livelihood and sustaibale ecosystem.

Our sourcing partners are NGOs who work with the tribals, upgrade their skills, arrange modern hygienic procurement and processing facilities, and provide value addition by introducing quality control, packaging, branding, certification and establishing marketing linkages.

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