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Loyalty Cash Back at Physical Atcost Outlets

Customers purchasing at our selected retail outlets (not applicable for online sales) may earn loyalty points for their purchases. Each physical location has separate loyalty cash back system such that the purchases from and loyalty points earned at different locations cannot be merged. Following is the loyalty cash back earning potential and mechanism to earn loyalty cash back:

Last 30 days Purchase

Percentage cash back

0 - 2999


3000 - 3999


4000 - 4999


5000 - 5999


6000 - 6999


7000 - 7999


8000 - 8999


9000 - 9999





Terms and Conditions:

1.       LOYALTY CASH BACK PERCENTAGE IS DECIDED EVERY DAY AT THE END OF THE DAY FOR THE NEXT DAY. For example if your last 30 day purchases with Atcost are Rs 2,999/- or less till end of a particular day, then your Loyalty Cash Back will be ZERO % for the next day. However if your purchases were Rs 3001/- or above for past 30 days, then you can earn 3% cash back on your next day purchase. Loyalty cash back percentage for the day shall be visible on the billing screen and you can check your day's percentage from the billing clerk. Any purchases made using loyalty cash back shall be excluded from total purchase calculation. Loyalty cash back is discretionary and may not be accrued on discounted items or bills - where customers get discounts over and above retail prices and deals available to all other customers. Loyalty cash back is intended for retail customers and may not be granted to business customers and employees. Atcost reserves all rights to change the terms and conditions of this program at any time. Updated terms shall always be available on this page.

2.       Ensure that you give only one cellphone number for all your purchases. Any purchase without mentioning your cellphone number or multiple numbers will not be counted or will be considered as purchases for different customers. To use your loyalty cash back, simply provide your cell phone number to the billing clerk. Before your loyalty cash back can be used, you will get an OTP which you will have to provide to the billing clerk. At times the OTP is delayed or may not come. In such case, please do not worry as your loyalty cash back NEVER expires and you can use your cumulative loyalty cash back on your next bill. On specific requests, we can send your loyalty statements to you over emails. Such a statement is available only for last 3 months.

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