Apple Royal Gala 500gm

Apple Royal Gala 500gm

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Apple Royal Gala 500gm

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The Royal Gala apple has a sweet, succulent, pear-like flavor. The flesh is crisp and juicy under a thin, dark orange-red skin. It's really the quintessential apple flavor, making it an excellent all-around apple choice.

Apple royal gala - Source Country - Turkey


Royal Gala apple contains about 10 mg of vitamin C, a nutrient that supports your immune system and produces collagen for healthy skin and wound healing. Vitamin C also has antioxidant properties, which means that it fights free radical damage that can lead to health conditions that include cancer and heart disease.


should be stored as cold as possible. Keep them in the bottom drawer of your fridge in a perforated plastic bag. You need to allow some of the moisture to escape while keeping your apple crisp.


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